looking for help and some advice.

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looking for help and some advice.

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I live in Canada and have a bell 2701 router, I also have off the bell a Asus N66U router to my computer and NVR system.
I have 12 Hikvision 3mp IP bullet cameras and a |Elite 32 channel NVR with two 8 port POE switches.
My problem is I can view my cameras off my NVR system but when I set to view them away from my home I can not get them off my phone or tablet. While I am home I can see them but not away.
I have port forward everything I think on my Asus router and also my bell router to allow the system to open up for me to view but still nothing.
I know a bit about computers but not a pro at it so this is why I am here looking for help and some advice.

Please help.

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Thank you.